Kamis 23 September 2021
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Majalah ICT English Edition No.50-2016

Dear ICT readers,

We are here again to update you on the latest ICT info in Indonesia. This November, an interesting fact to elaborate was Government IX Economy Policy related to national ICT, in particular e-commerce. This will be our main report in this edition as our government vision is to make Indonesia as the biggest economy digital capacity in South East Asia by 2020, owing to the fact that Indonesia is one of the biggest internet users in the world and has substantial smart phone users. With such big assets, government targets to create 1,000 technopreneurs of USD 10 billion business valuation and total 130 billion USD e-commerce value in 2020.

In addition to main report on Indonesian E-Commerce Road Map, we will also report on social media which is currently worrying, according to President Joko Widodo because it’s full of slander. Indonesian e-business is also moving and improving so a new set of regulations on financial technology will be issued, easy funding using digital media and the arrival of business accelerator company from Silicon valley, Plug and Play, who will invest in 50 startup companies in Indonesia.

We’re happy to tell you, ICT readers that we just renewed our site, to give you more comfort in browsing information, while using PC, laptop or cellular phone and we also add more interesting articles. Keep supporting us by giving us feedbacks and/or critics to our for a better and improved magazine.

To download/read english edition Majalah ICT No.50-2016, please click HERE

Happy reading and go forward Indonesian ICT.

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