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Majalah ICT English Edition No.51-2017

Dear our ICT readers, wherever you are,

It’s already towards end of year 2016. We’ve seen many improvements, challenges, regulations and technology information & communication service that were born in this year. From E-commerce roadmap to contribute USD 130 billion by 2020 that we hope won’t be just a story telling, what also took public attention at end of 2016 is Law No. 19/2016 on revised Law No. 11/2008 on Electronic Information and Transaction.

This Law will become our main topic for the last edition of ICT Magazine in 2016. Although Law No. 19/2016 is a revision for previous ITE Law No. 11/2008, with penalty reduction, particularly related to defamation and slander as regulated in Article 27
(3), this new Law is still considered a threat. After being enacted by House of Representatives, many parties have been made suspect using this law.

Other issue that we’d like to highlight in this edition is government’s plan for re-orientation and easy certification for telecommunication gadget, mobile phones, hand computer and tablets. There’s also information on termination of frequency 1,900 Mhz, used by Smart Telecom. The sterilization of this frequency is important considering 2 frequency blocks at 2.1
Ghz, used for 3G, is now unoccupied. This frequency is a limited source of high value. In this edition, we also discuss the latest update on other technology, information and communication issues.

We are still waiting your feedback, critiques or inquiries to redaksi@majalahict. com or through navigation form editor on

If you want to read/download this edition please clik here

Happy reading. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2017. We hope 2017 will give new improvements in Indonesia technology information and communication.

Let’s move ahead ICT Indonesia.


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