Senin 30 Januari 2023
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Majalah ICT English Edition No.52-2017

Dear our ICT readers,

President Joko Widodo has conveyed
his disappointments in several occasions concerning social media utilization during these past months. According to him, our social media is full of slander, hatred, lies and hoax, impacting our nation. After he speaks repeatedly on the subject, several Ministries and law enforcement immediately get involved to handle the issue. War against hoax is our Main Report for ICT Magazine No.52- 2017.

Apart from hoax, other issue also comes to surface, such as National Cyber Agency. This agency’s establishment is on and off, but with hoax is now trending, the need for a National Cyber Agency is on again.

Even Coordinating Political, Legal and Security Affairs Minister Wiranto is optimistic the agency that will tackle our national cyber security will soon be established. We will highlight the update of National Cyber Agency establishment in our Special Report this edition.

There’s also information on government’s intention to soon put frequency 2.1 GHz and 2.3 GHz in auction. Currently frequency 2.1 GHz is used for 3G service, while 2.3 GHz is reserved for 4G LTE. Frequency spectrum becomes Indonesia’s main telecommunication issue as frequency is a limited resource and telecommunication operators would scramble for it. Of course, we will also give you latest update in Indonesia’s broadcasting, internet and e-business.

Dear readers, through this forum, we inform you that the site has been put through big renovations, so you,
our faithful Readers, can read it smoothly and adjust it with the latest web design.

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To read/download this new english edition Majalah ICT No.52-2017 please click here.

Happy reading and go forward Indonesia’s ICT.



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