Rabu 26 Juni 2024
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Majalah ICT English Edition No.59-2017

Dear beloved Readers,

We are familiar with over the top applications (OTT), which have been around for ten years. Although, OTT took public attention because of the money involved in the business, from commercials and the increased value of the companies along with increase of their users. Sadly, most OTT that exist in Indonesia are global OTT. OTT can go over the countries’ boundaries and absorbs local fund, mainly from commercials and market. Global OTT, without office, without paying taxes, and without placing their server in Indonesia, forcing local OTT struggle extra hard in the competition because the latter have obligations that are not borne by global OTT. Until the government issues a Circular Letter, that is now in process to manage OTT using a Ministerial Regulation of Minister of Communications and Informatics. Searching for a formula to manage OTT is our main editorial for ICT Magazine No. 59-2017.

So many topics happened in the last month related to Indonesia’s ICT, but we cannot go over them all in this edition. Only the interesting and important ones are brought to you. Including the latest update on Palapa Ring toll road construction, where the west area is now beginning sea cable construction. We will also raise the government’s effort to evaluate Investment Negative List (DNI), in which it will regulate limitation on e-commerce and telecommunications.

We will also review government’s success saving the orbital slot Palapa Satellite 146E, Google’s effort to provide Gapura Digital training (Training for People’s Business Movement), to empower small medium business, and last but not least, the launch of Presidential Regulation no. 74/2017 concerning Road Map e-Commerce year 2017-2019.

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Go forward Indonesia’s ICT. Happy independence