Jumat 2 Juni 2023
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Majalah ICT English Edition No.58-2017

Dear ICT readers,

After the long Lebaran holidays, we are back to bring you the most updated news and information on Indonesia’s information technology and communication, related to broadcasting, internet, e-business and telecommunication. Our Main Report for this edition is about online transportation which hits a bump in the road, after the regulation concerning permit and tariff on ‘fairness’ between online taxi and conventional taxi is out. The end of ‘honey mood period’ for online taxi can be seen from several rallies, conducted by drivers as partners to the managing platform, or even in some cases experienced by users such as deposit loss or food delivery to users who don’t even order it.

Another issue that we will elaborate is about government policy to block Telegram. The application is deemed to be used by terrorists to communicate, particularly ISIS, which is physically far away from Indonesia. It causes pros and cons as Telegram has many users in Indonesia, which brings another question, why only Telegram is blocked, while other instant message apps like WhatsApp is also quietly used for communication terror.

Additionally, in this ICT Magazine no. 58- 2017, we will bring the topic on Indonesia Innovation Index, which is at 87th world rating, which is rather lag compared to other Asean countries. We will also review President Jokowi’s son, Kaesang Pangarep’s vlog, whose case was closed by the Police.

To read/download Majalah ICT English edition No.58-2017, please click here.

Dear Readers, this magazine is far from perfect, and we are eager for your feedback, suggestions, and notes, to improve this magazine. You can email us @ redaksi@ for communication or for any possible collaboration with Majalah ICT.

Thank you for reading and go forward ICT Indonesia.


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