Jumat 21 Juni 2024
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Smart Cities and Digital Economies Will Become New Area of Focus FTTH Council Asia-Pacific

MAJALAH ICT – Jakarta. Smart cities and the building of digital economies will become new areas of focus for the FTTH Council Asia-Pacific, as it today announced details of its next Annual Conference and new board of directors which will take the council’s successful fiber roll-out program to the next level.

The announcement follows the success of the 2016 Annual Conference, where 428 delegates from 165 organizations, representing 33 countries, attended the event in Bangkok, which also saw the appointment of the council’s current Board of Directors.

Led by Peter Macaulay as President – assisted by Three-OPP’s Mohamed Shajahan Iqbal as Vice President and Treasurer – the board will shape the vision of the FTTH Council Asia-Pacific over the next year and set the agenda for the 2017 summit. Appointments include representatives from leading companies such as Nokia, Sterlite Technologies Limited and Sumitomo Electric Industries.

“Given the continued growth and development of FTTH and the ever-growing importance of digital infrastructure to national economies, the FTTH industry as a whole is at an important juncture,” said Peter Macaulay, President of the FTTH Council Asia-Pacific. “With more than 100 million subscribers in the Asia-Pacific region, the FTTH Council Asia-Pacific can play a leading role in defining the next steps for the industry.”

The next annual conference – which will take place in New Delhi, India, in May, 2017 – will also be boosted by the appointments of Stephen G. Foster, of Emtelle, and William Hamilton, of Ultrafast Fibre, who will head the Smart Cities Committee. The team will provide knowledge and best practices to assist with fiber infrastructure for smart city projects.

Alongside discussions about the growth and viability of smart cities across the Asia-Pacific region, the 2017 Annual Conference will also touch on elements of best practice and industry standards, as well as discussing the latest product and service offerings.

The council’s Director General Hasan Munasir Choudhury added: “Taking the Annual Conference to India will provide a great opportunity for us to discuss the role of FTTH in the region. With more than 16 million people living in the Delhi region alone, FTTH can play a key part in bringing connectivity to the masses and providing the vital services which smart cities aim to bring to the masses.”